Dog of the Day: Tai the Pharaoh Hound/Formosan Mountain Dog

This guy is a study in ‘why Adam needs a new camera’. The first set of pictures I took of him were all ruined by my having the macro lens thingie that’s part of my iPhone case in the wrong position, so he was a giant black blob. And then, lo and behold, I ran into him again! This time it was 8:15 AM, and cloudy, and perfect for photography. You’d think. Except that the iPhone can’t take pictures of things that move around any, unless they’re in direct sunlight. Except that in direct sunlight, it washes out the highlights and blots out the shadows. I just can’t win.

Sadly, I don’t have the money for a new camera right at the moment, so y’all will just have to suffer along with me until I can get one.

This is the one picture of Tai that came out nearly okay.

Pharaoh Hound/Formosan Mountain Dog Mix

Tai is super-gangly and cute. It's a pity he's so skittish. He gave my hand a sniff, but wouldn't let me pet him at all.

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6 Responses to Dog of the Day: Tai the Pharaoh Hound/Formosan Mountain Dog

  1. Jeff Curtis says:

    I love this dog, is he available for adoption? I had one that looked just like him that passed.


    • Adam Lang says:

      Afraid not… last I heard he was in a happy home.

      • Ashley Hughey says:

        This is so crazy!!! Tai is actually mine 🙂 I was just on pinterest and came across this photo and recognized it from many years ago! Tai is now 5 years old and a canine good citizen…he may actually let you pet him now haha. While he is not up for adoption the rescue I got him from is and they have formosan mountain dogs all the time!

        Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!

        • Adam Lang says:

          Too awesome! Hope I run into Tai again, because he’s adorable and I’d love the chance to get some better pictures of him… and get some petting in too, of course!

  2. Sharon Haring says:

    I have a dog that looks exactly like this. Skittish, too. Adopted him five years ago.

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