Dog of the Day: Shiba Inu Spa Patron

Someone was getting a makeover at Kiehl’s (a rather exclusive body care products store on Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights) when I saw her. I’m not sure she was entirely pleased to be interrupted.

Two Women In White Lab Coats Petting A Shiba Inu

This is the back door, which I gather is not usually open. I don’t know what the story was, I just happened by and saw this spectacle.

Shiba Inu Sticking Its Tongue Out At The Camera

I still have no idea what this bit of dog body language means. Probably not the same thing as it means on humans, although I’m not certain even of that.

Sitting Shiba Inu Staring At A Treat Off-Camera

Someone’s full attention being held by a treat.

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