Dog of the Day: Barb the New Zealand Huntaway

This is another of the surfing contestants I ran across at the competition, and also a first for my blog: Barb (8 years old) is a New Zealand huntaway, and I wasn’t sure I wasn’t being gently wound up until I went and had a look at wikipedia. Sure enough, it’s a real dog breed. And the first recognized dog breed from New Zealand. Neat!

Wet New Zealand Huntaway Dog With Surfboard On Beach

C’mon, this is the first time I’ve used that pun in the hovertext in the entire time I’ve been running this blog. I’m not proud, but I think it had to be done.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Barb the New Zealand Huntaway

  1. Alex Nye says:

    Can the Pooch surf or is he a learner? 🙂

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