Dog of the Day: Pepper the Border Collie Chow Mix

Pepper is 11 years old, and getting along fine, thank you. He looks amazingly different in the sun than in the shade, doesn’t he? Part of that is apparently because not too long ago, his groomer made the mistake of cutting him much too short, and, as sometimes happens with double-coated dogs, it didn’t all grow back quite right. Never shave your double-coated dogs, people: it’ll all end in tears!

Black Dog With Eyes Shut Smiling

I ran into the two of them right outside the Cowgirl Creamery store up in Point Reyes. Mmm. Cheese.

Black Dog Wagging But Looking Very Serious

The fur is as soft as it looks. I almost think there’s some keeshond in there.

Black Dog Napping In The Grass

Someone took a nice snooze while mom was in the creamery.

Black Dog In The Sun

Looks totally different in the sunlight, doesn’t he?

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