Dog of the Day: Derby the Rottweiler/Corgi Mix

Another unknown mix. He looks pretty corgi-ish, though, and pretty Rottie-ish as well. Who knows?

Another couple pictures after the break.

Corgi/Rottweiler Mix

Puppydog eyes are always enhanced by strange eyebrows.

Half-Rottweiler, Half-Corgi

Sorry for the blurriness, but I figured it was worth it for a shot of all of him.

Corgi/Rottweiler Mix

And here's him compared to a normally-proportioned dog. About the same body length, and half the leg length.

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8 Responses to Dog of the Day: Derby the Rottweiler/Corgi Mix

  1. Autumn says:

    He looks absolutely part-longhaired dachshund to me. Fur, face, markings.

  2. brian says:

    ihave a dog that looks exactly the same, i googled dachshund rottweiler mix to see is souch a combination is possible. wow! i thing my dog is dachshund rottweiler mix. i have pics

    • Adam Lang says:

      Y’know, looking back on this guy, knowing a lot more about dogs than I did at the time, I think this guy might be too small to be a Rottweiler mix. Not sure, though… guessing the breed is always pretty tough.

  3. Trevor Gurley says:

    I’m Derby’s walker, and he is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. His owner found a breed called a Lancashire Heeler, and Derby looks identical to the long-haired variety. We are now of the opinion that he is indeed a Heeler.

  4. Ailey Sato says:

    This looks exactly like my dog. He came from a hoarding situation. One of the dogs he was rescued with looks exactly the same as him only completely golden. The rescue said they were dachshund mixes. I’m trying to figure out what my dog is without a DNA test.

    • Adam Lang says:

      With a lot more experience under my belt, I am much more inclined to think that Derby is a long-haired dachshund mix, possibly with a Lab.

    • Letty SC says:

      Ailey. I have a dog that also looks like this. He was also rescued from a hoarding situation. I picked him up at the animal shelter in Bakersfield in Dec of 2009 ( think 2009). I wonder if your dog is a litter mate for our Murphy? Our vet mentioned Lancashire Heeler as well. He definitely has the heeler behavior.

      • Adam Lang says:

        Huh! Well, it’s not impossible that the pup in the pictures (Derby) is related to yours, since those pictures were taken sometime in 2010. Ailey’s comment is from 2017 though, so I have no idea when her pup was rescued. We’ll see if she’s subscribed to these comments and comes back to answer.

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