Dog of the Day: Murphy the Former Mayor of Chestnut Street

Two Murphys (Murphies? Murpheys? Murphi?) in a row? Yeah, I know! But I had to post this Murph today, because it’s his fifteenth birthday, and I can’t miss that when the dog in question is the former mayor of Chestnut Street (now retired to a more rural life). How exactly is that? Well, he used to live right near Chestnut Street, and when he did, he pretty much ran the place. All the shopkeepers knew him, all the restaurant owners knew what he liked. He even had — and still has! — his own bar stool at Izzy’s Steak and Chops. Each of the bar stools is ‘reserved’ with a name plate for some august personage who visits the place, and one of them is his. There were a couple news stories about him, which I’ve seen in shop windows in that area, although I can’t immediately find them to link to them online.

Despite his age, and despite two ACL surgeries, one in each hind leg, and despite arthritis, Murphy is still quite active. His dad attributes this to ‘CBD’, which I assumed was ‘Canine B-something D-something’ but apparently has something to do with medical marijuana, and hey, if it works, I’m all for it. And it does indeed work, because all the pictures I got of him except this one came out all blurry.

Labrador Retriever American Pit Bull Terrier Mix Barking

“Happy birthday dear Muuuuur-pheeeeeeee…” (And hooray for Lab/pit hybrid vigor!)

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