Dog of the Day: Macy’s Window Puppy

A ridiculously adorable fluffball. He spent all day in the window, but it was only because his adopter picked him out on the way to work and couldn’t pick him up until after work. I would’ve just taken the day off, personally. You have to have priorities!

Ungh. I can’t believe I STILL have this cold! I have had this cold for TWELVE DAYS. I haven’t had a single cold in over two years and now that I have one I may just HAVE a single cold for two years.

Puppy Playing With Ball In Macy's Window

He was utterly puppy-hyperactive the entire time I was standing there. Which was not long enough.

Puppy In Macy's Window

Oh god don’t look directly into the puppy or you will melt.

Puppy Cuddles Octopus Toy In The Window Of Macy's San Francisco

He had at least five different toys in there, and played with every single one while I was watching.

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