Dog of the Day: Blue the Giant Floofy Husky

I ran into Blue and his dad today, wandering around Mission Bay. And I was my usual “Oh my god what a gorgeous dog” and his dad said, “Yeah, you took some pictures of him and then NEVER POSTED THEM hint hint hint.” So I took some more. And then I went and looked and wouldn’t you know it, the old ones are actually better than the new ones. I’d even started editing them, I just couldn’t narrow it down so I left it ‘for later’.

I’m bad like that.

Husky In Sunlight

Humongous for a husky. And very fluffy. And pretty!

Grinning Husky

I’ve almost never met a husky who was serious. Blue is no exception.

Husky With Heterochromia

Those eyes.

Husky with Heterochromia

And that expression. Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes.

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