Caturday Supplement: Black Nose Trading Co Store Cat

I was walking down Divisadero one fine morning and found a couple people crouched in front of the door to a store. Naturally, being an inquisitive sort, I stopped to see what was going on. At which point one of them said, “Go, save yourself! It’s already got us!”

Well, ‘it’ was the store kitty for a pet supplies shop called ‘Black Nose Trading Co’, and he (they said they thought he was a boy named something-‘worth’ or something-‘worthy’) was standing in front of the mail slot for the not-yet-open shop and demanding to be petted. Loudly and insistently. And once you started, he made it very, very clear that he did NOT want you to stop.

Man Petting Cat Through Mail Slot Of Door

Purrs vibrating the door.

Cat Leg Reaching Through Mail Slot For Man's Hand

This is what happened when you tried to stop petting him. Complete with razor-sharp claws.

Cat Peering Through Mail Slot Of Door

Sad kitty-face. Nobody petting him right at that moment.

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