Double Dog Day: Boston Terriers

Not really entirely a double dog day, since the back one is kind of blurry. Maybe a dog and a half?

Oh man I ran into an old friend today! I saw this dog and I thought she was adorable but it wasn’t until mom said she thought I might have taken pictures of her before when it clicked. It was back in 2012, around August. Four and a half years ago! But I even told her mom what street corner I ran into her on, and then when I went back and checked after I got home, sure enough, it was that exact corner.

And y’know what? I am not going to say that she remembered me too. But when I kneeled down and said hello to her she came right over, licked me all over my face, and put her paws on my shoulders. And her mom asked me if I had been rolling in bacon or something, so apparently she doesn’t do that for ALL the guys.

I feel blessed somehow. Like Dog came to me and told me that everything was going to be all right. 🙂

Two Black And White Boston Terriers Wearing Red Jackets

It’s been a bit chilly in SF. Not what other people consider ‘cold’, but well into the high 40s some days. And that makes some dogs quite uncomfortable. Thus, coats.

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