Dog of the Day: Boots the Miniature Australian Shepherd

Autumn asked me to do her a favor over the winter break, and dogsit for one of her clients. You may recall this, since I posted some pictures of that ridiculous humongous goofball. She also asked me, in the middle of dogsitting him, to run out and walk an adorable little bitty goofball. And once I saw a picture, how could I refuse?

Boots is a little over 4, and is a mini Australian shepherd with a great deal of fluff. He is also a blast to walk. He completely tired me out, but it was well worth it. And it sounds like I might get to walk him again tomorrow. Yay!

Miniature Australian Shepherd Staring In Perplexity At A Solar Panel

Took him down to the Embarcadero near the Exploratorium…

Exploratorium Sign With Miniature Australian Shepherd Standing In O

…as you can see!

Miniature Australian Shepherd Standing In Giant O

(Not shown: me standing behind the wall holding the other end of the leash and being VERY careful to keep him within easy grab, just in case he decided to leap off.)

Miniature Australian Shepherd Next To Fire Hydrant And No Dogs Teacup Poodles Okay Sign Mural

This is a rest stop for dogs, halfway up Telegraph Hill. I was panting by this time, but Boots wasn’t. Kind of a funny reversal.

Miniature Australian Shepherd In Front Of View Off Telegraph Hill

Top of Telegraph Hill. I made it up all those steps, but I was regretting not bringing my heart rate monitor. Kathump kathump kathump.


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