Dog of the Day: Austin the Amazing Goofball

So I spent a week dogsitting for Austin (8!) over Christmas break. And even though I was sick for pretty much the entire time, I still had a blast. (I was mostly recovered the last couple of days, as you’ll see.)

You’d never know Austin was 8. He spent a fair bit of time resting while I was there, but probably less in total than I did. And he managed well over seven miles in one day, including a five mile hike that went up and down a bunch of hills and ultimately up to the top of Tank Hill. And as soon as we got to the top, he immediately decided that leaping around and playing tug-of-war with his leash was high on his agenda. I was winded. Him? Not so much. Nor was he at all fazed the next day.

Oh, did I mention he’s really well trained? When you tell him to heel he mostly actually pays attention and walks next to you and if he gets distracted it’s usually only for a second or two?

In short: Austin is Awesome!

Brindled Hound With Yellow Squeaky Ball

He loved fetch, and was actually very good about bringing the ball back and even letting me have it. As long as I asked nicely.

Brindled Hound Scratching Himself

More experiments with Live Photos.

Brindled Hound Looking Out At Pretty View Of Downtown San Francisco

This is from the top of Tank Hill. I’d never been up there before.

Brindled Hound Sitting In Front Of A Pretty View Of Downtown San Francisco

Where I *really* wanted to go was up Twin Peaks with him, but the cold just didn’t quit in time.

Upside Down Dog With Sagging Lip

Dog lips are endlessly fascinating.

Brindled Hound Curled Up On A Sofa And Looking At The Camera

This was his default reaction whenever I wasn’t playing with him. Curl up and look just a tiny bit sulky.

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4 Responses to Dog of the Day: Austin the Amazing Goofball

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Austin is a beautiful boy!! You were one lucky puppy sitter ;-}!

  2. Sandy says:

    What a great dog ambassador! p.s. Your video worked well.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Isn’t he just? And yeah, the video isn’t bad. What I really wanted was something similar, except full-sized, and a still until you moved your mouse over it when it animated. I’ve figured out how to do it, but not how to do it without it taking an hour per picture.

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