Sunday Switchup: Ceci n’est pas une pup!

One day, while she was poking holes in my arm, I ran across a woman who knits dogs.

Let’s try that again.

One day, while having blood drawn for a routine physical, I fell to talking with the phlebotomist. I observed that there were a couple of cute pups on her computer screen and she noted that they were in fact not actually dogs, they were dolls she had knitted.

She does it just for fun. Aren’t they adorable?

Knitted West Highland White Terrier Doll

This one is a Westie, and is on guard at the doctor’s office.

Knitted West Highland White Terrier Doll

Not much smaller than some real Westies I’ve met!

Hand-Knitted Beagle Doll

Do I even need to mention that this one is a beagle? Absolutely perfect!

Hand-Knitted Bernese Mountain Dog Doll

Look at all the fringe. That’s pure fluff, that is. That’s pure Bernese mountain dog fluff, that is!

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