Sunday Switchup: Chicago Visit

I went to Chicago for a trade show. The subject of the show wouldn’t interest people much (corporate travel and expense reporting, anyone?) but I stayed at a kind of neat hotel, the Virgin Hotel Chicago. (Yes, another Richard Branson project.) The rooms weren’t all that exciting, but…

Dog Statue In Hallway Of Virgin Hotel Chicago

… there was a dog statue in the hallway, complete (for some reason) with carefully-sculpted genitalia…

Red Dwarf Refrigerator

…and what might accurately be described as a red ‘dwarf refrigerator’ with the word ‘SMEG’ on it in prominent silver letters. This can’t be a coincidence.

And then on Thursday, after the trade show ended for the day, my CEO walked up to me and a fellow employee and said ‘hey, who is up for biking along the lake shore to tonight’s party?’ In South Chicago. In March. And I’ll tell you what, I’m sure there’s someone out there who could resist a challenge like that, but it wasn’t me.

Piling Covered With Icicles

For some reason there were two pilings and a pier structure that were wreathed in ice. Nothing else was. I have no idea why.

Weird Building With Giant Faces On It

And then there was this. I… uh… yeah.

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