Dog of the Day: Papillon Puppy

Autumn and I went by to visit a pair of potential clients of hers (and, naturally, the potential customer, a.k.a. the clients’ owner) a while back. One was a somewhat shy puppy and the other was an extremely grumpy old papillon. This is the puppy, whose name has slipped my mind.


Papillon Puppy Searching The Carpet For Crumbs

A born browser. Or is that grazer?

Papillon Puppy With Ridiculous Ears Sniffs Photographer's Extended Hand

Autumn and I introduced ourselves to her. (Or was it a him? I don’t recall.)

Papillon Puppy Under Table Inspects Hand From Out Of Frame

She (or he) was not impressed.

Papillon Puppy Giving Camera Sideeye While Chewing On Rope Toy

The old ‘hide behind mom’ plus ‘puppydog eyes’ works every time.


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