Belated Caturday Supplement: KitTen!

I’ve been hanging out a bit more at KitTea, in their cafe area. It’s a great place to go to get some work done, and also pretty great to not get work done. Their food is quite good, too, and almost no hairballs in it!

They have changed their model up a bit: instead of all of their animals being adoptable, they have just one or two adoptable cats at a time, with the rest forming a permanent colony. That way they end up forming stable relationships amongst one another, don’t constantly end up losing friends and not knowing why, and are much better socialized to trust galloping hordes of human interlopers.

Now, there does seem to be some still-unsettled disagreement on the nature of the business between the different principals involved…

Woman Staring At Marmalade Cat Behind Window

These two had a fun little interaction going.

Marmalade Tiger Tabby Looking At Camera

I think this one is the same one that crawled onto my and Autumn’s shoulders, back on my birthday.

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