Dog of the Day: Merle the German Shepherd Collie Mix, Maybe?

I am not sure this is Merle, but if it isn’t then I have no idea who it is. If this is her, she’s seven years old, and supposedly a German shepherd collie mix. The body shape doesn’t look entirely unreasonable for that, but the coloration is…

…okay, so that may not be the most noticeable thing about Merle, assuming this is her.

Fluffy Yellow Dog With Sunglasses On

She actually tolerates the sunglasses for much longer than I would have expected.

Fluffy Yellow Dog With Sunglasses On

She had them on for a couple of minutes and seemed to be able to see through them just fine.

Golden Dog Wearing Sunglasses Pushed Back Up On Her Head

Eventually she shakes her head and the glasses go up like this, and then they don’t bother her at all so she just goes around like this.

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