Dog of the Day: Pungsan Dog

A new breed for us! I took these pictures on my trip northward for July 4th, and just remembered they were on my DSLR memory card yesterday while I was packing for another trip.* Apparently this pup is a Pungsan dog, a breed you don’t exactly see a lot of outside of Korea. (Actually, you don’t see a lot of them inside Korea, and you see nearly none outside.) I was privileged to meet one, let alone one this friendly.

* I’m on a trip! I’m in Milwaukee for Milwaukee Irish Festival, a celebration of Irish music and Irish dance and Irish setters and other Irishness. Then I’m going to head down to St. Louis by Amtrak on Sunday, and then to Washington, MO (corncob pipe capital of the world!) on Monday for the eclipse. Then back to St. Louis for the night, and then back to Chicago by Amtrak on Tuesday, followed by my flight back to San Francisco also on Tuesday. Exhausting! But out of my top ten favorite bands, about seventeen will be playing, plus I will get to take pictures of the eclipse with an amazingly nifty and weird new lens that I got. I will share any that come out good and probably many that don’t, as is my usual approach.

Happy-Looking Pungsan Dog

See? I told you: friendly face. And what a gorgeous breed.

Happy-Looking Pungsan Dog Looking Over His Shoulder At The Camera

If you look in the background at that log you can sort of see that someone has piled stacks of stones onto it. Kind of neat.

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