Triple Dog Day: Meeting of the Minds

If you think this picture doesn’t look much like Chicago, Milwaukee, OR St. Louis, you’re right… this is from my trip back in July. I plead exhaustion: it’s the day after I returned from my trip, I have a September 1 deadline for two major projects I’m working on, and I got home at 7:45 and it’s laundry day.* So you get a greeting on the beach today.

* (Okay, okay, I will own up to one thing. We all have our little luxuries. I don’t have cable, or any kind of limited-access TV. I only have an expensive cell plan because my company requires me to be on call 24/7 (which UGH UGH UGH). But one luxury I do pay for is to have someone pick up my laundry in front of my door on Thursday at 7 AM and return it, washed, pressed, and neatly packaged, by 3 or 4 PM on Friday. I’m sure doing laundry in a laundromat is good for the soul or something, but if so then my soul is just going to have to suffer for a bit. NOT trucking my laundry up and down a 25-degree-angle hill and NOT sitting there for two hours while it washes and dries is well worth the $80 or so a month I pay for the privilege.)

Three Dogs And Two Humans Greet One Another On A Beach

Wish I’d gotten a picture… I saw this golden earlier, laying against a tree the exact color that he was. I honestly thought he was a dog-shaped piece of log. And then he got up and ran over here to make some new friends.

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2 Responses to Triple Dog Day: Meeting of the Minds

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Makes sense to me – laundry is not fun!!! I always leave a laundry mat feeling I need a shower!!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Yeah. If I had a washing machine and drier of my own, that’d be different. Although now I’m so spoiled I’m not sure I could go back. 🙂

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