Dog of the Day: 4-Month-Old Wolfhound Puppy

In honor of Bronte the gorgeous Irish wolfhound, who I posted in 2010 (without knowing her name) and whose dad just somehow found my pictures of her today, I present you with another Irish wolfhound, this one a puppy. A really young puppy.

No, seriously. Go look at this pup, who is the same age. Okay, okay, not a fair comparison, you say? Well, how about a Great Pyrenees puppy of the same age? They’re a big breed, but wolfhounds are just ginormous.

(Also, Apple’s spelling dictionary recognizes ginormous. Who’d’a thunk?)

Four-Month-Old Irish Wolfhound Puppy Looking Expectant

They don’t get a lot ganglier than a 4-month-old wolfhound.

Four-Month-Old Irish Wolfhound Puppy Looking Smug

It was next to impossible to get pictures of him. Not because he was moving around or anything, but because there was essentially never a time when he wasn’t completely surrounded by people wanting to pet him.

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