Dog of the Day: Sammie the Foxhound (?) Mix

Sammie was a perfect lady, even despite her temporary impediment. Beagle/Labrador retriever was her mom’s guess, but those ears just couldn’t have come from that combination, I don’t think. Plus, her body and her head are very similar to that of a foxhound. I don’t know what gives her ears that special little loft, though: must be from the other side of the family.

Dropped two additional pictures below the fold.

Foxhound Mix

I guess she does look a little less than happy with her 'cone of shame' in this picture.

Foxhound Mix in Cone of Shame

On the up side, I think she figured out that her temporary headgear magnified her barks.

Foxhound Mix with Elizabethan Collar

And now for your moment of zen...

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