Double Dog Day: Buddy and Gia, German Shepherd Mixes

Ran into this pair on the way to work a couple weeks ago. They look pretty similar, but they’re apparently not related. Nobody’s sure what Buddy (black and tan) is mixed with, and the guess I heard for Gia was ‘dingo’. Could be, I suppose.

So yeah. This was posted November 3, so it appears that I have survived the election with at least part of my brain intact.

Two more pictures moved below the break.

Two German Shepherd Mixes

They look like brother and sister, don't they? The goofy one and the serious one.

Two German Shepherd Mixes

Look at the expression on Gia. It looks to me like she's raising her eyebrow. And would be snickering if she could.

Two German Shepherd Mixes and a Beagle

Bonus Beagle! Also, another good expression for Gia.

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