Otterday-On-Bunday: Point Lobos

Hi there! I am taking a much-needed vacation, and slowly driving down the coast of California. I’ll eventually make it to San Diego, but so far I’ve only made it as far as Big Sur. I spent the day wandering Monterey and then Point Lobos, where I made the acquaintance of several adorable sea otters. I have a new lens for my camera, a 150 to 500 mm Sigma, and while it’s no five-thousand-dollar marvel, it’s more than good enough for my purposes. (Next time I’ll make sure the ISO setting on the camera isn’t 3200, which will make the close-up quality a lot better.)

Consider this a otter preview. I’m at a hotel with no wifi in the rooms, and I have no cell signal, and I’m sitting in the middle of their little grocery store, and posting from here is kind of awkward.

Mother Sea Otter Holding Her Pup

Sea otter pupping season starts in March, and they tend to stay with their parents for only a year.

Mother Sea Otter Holding Her Pup

This one must have been born very late, or perhaps his mom has more patience than usual.

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