Double Dog Day: Wolf/Malamute and Wolf/Malamute/Coyote (?)

I ran into these two on my way to work. The first one is the mother of the second one. Their doguardian says she is pretty sure the mom is a wolf/malamute cross, and that she escaped one day and may have found a coyote, which resulted in the second one. Wish I’d gotten more pictures: the second one definitely looks coyote-ish from the side. And both of them are really friendly and happy.

Alas, I didn’t get their names.

Malamute/Wolf Mix

This is mom. The amount of fluff is amazing. Also, check out those spectacles!

Malamute/Wolf/Coyote Mix

And this gal is just super-gorgious. That tail! Plus, you'll note that the picture makes her look like she was dancing. Yes, she really moves pretty much like that.

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One Response to Double Dog Day: Wolf/Malamute and Wolf/Malamute/Coyote (?)

  1. K says:

    I know this is old but I just want to say these are both dogs. There is nothing remotely wolf or coyote-ish about either of them. Mom looks like a red mal or mal/chow mix. Pup looks more husky.

    A great place to learn about wolfdogs is

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