Caturday Supplement: Bobby-Cat

I am back from my Arizona excursion, and in time to post a cat from two weeks ago. Meet Bobby, an unusually adventurous kitty. He loves bus rides, likes greeting people and getting petted, and enjoys going for walks. Needless to say, I adored him.

Perhaps a Maine coon mix? I hear they sometimes like going on walks. Certainly not floofy enough or big enough to be a full Maine coon, though.

Person Holding Cat On MUNI Bus

The two of them seemed really plugged into one another.

Person Holding Cat Up And Exposing His Belly On A MUNI Bus

Even when the cat got somewhat manhandled, he didn’t show any signs that he cared.

Person Hugging Cat Who Looks Really Happy

This kind of expression on a cat in a place he isn’t used to is really rare.

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