Dog of the Day: German Shepherd, Roaming Wyoming

I’m currently in Rawlins, Wyoming, staying at a campground for the holiday weekend. I have an electric bicycle which I’m using as a ‘dinghy’, which works out well for the most part. If I need to buy something big, I can drop by a Costco or Target in the Lummox, and if I just need to go somewhere for fun, or if I need to shop for a few things, I can take my backpack and hop on Batty. That’s the bike’s nickname. His full name is, of course, ‘Dingbat’.

Anyway, that’s what I did today. And I saw this majestic pup in her personal limousine and just had to share her.

German Shepherd In The Back Of A Pickup Truck Under A Gorgeous Sky

Did not go over and pet, as much as I wanted to. I’m pretty sure she would have been fine with it, but I’m not so sure the owner would have.

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