Dog of the Day: German Shepherd Mix Puppy

I saw this guy yesterday, out in his yard across the street from me while I was busy petting another dog. And then I had to run back to the Lummox because I was in the middle of filling her tanks and didn’t want to hold up the line any more than necessary. (Especially given that 100+ gallons is a lot of ‘necessary’.)

And then, today, I was over by that gas station again and up comes this pup, sans owner, just to say hello. I melted. SO CUTE.

German Shepherd Mix Puppy

Most dogs that grow up roaming semi-rural areas tend to be somewhat hostile towards strangers. This one gave me instant nose-smooches.

German Shepherd Mix Puppy

Those ears. And look at that muzzle: so wide. I just can’t quite figure what this pup is mixed with.

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