Dog of the Day: Australian Shepherd and Corgi Mob

Another attendee of the corgi meetup. He saw all those corgis and thought, ‘Ooooh! Herding practice!’

As we can see, that didn’t quite work out as planned.

Australian Shepherd Surrounded by Corgis

The Aussie already looks just a tad bit nervous, doesn't he?

Corgi-Australian Shepherd Standoff

Standoff! The corgi all the way on the left looks like he has an extra tail. He's actually tilted way to the side... that's his left hind foot.

An Australian Shepherd Herded by Corgis.

Corgis are amazingly cooperative herders. Instincts are surprising things.

Australian Shepherd Being Herded by Corgis

He took off, but the corgis herded him right back again, around the other side of the big clump of bushes.

Australian Shepherd and a Few Corgis

Sadly, someone called off the corgis before it got any sillier.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Australian Shepherd and Corgi Mob

  1. kylie says:

    i love corgis and Australian shepherds and these pics were really funny lolololololololz

    • Adam Lang says:

      They’re both great dogs, and trust me: this was even funnier in person. That dog got a little more than he bargained for!

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