Dog of the Day: Siberian Husky/Wolf Puppy

May I introduce B, the 3/4 Siberian Husky, 1/4 Wolf puppy? She is totally adorable from nose to tailtip. And she is desperately in need of cuddles, so if you are down in the South Beach/Southern Embarcadero area and see her, please do your part to reduce cuddle deficiency.

Husky/Wolf Mix

I promise, she's not a stuffed animal, she's a real pup.

Husky/Wolf Mix

Those ears are so ridiculous. Not shown: super-soft fuzzy skritchable belly.

Husky/Wolf Mix

These two are trying to figure out how to simultaneously sniff butts. Good luck, with that big a size difference. Also: check out that AMAZING tail!

Husky/Wolf Mix

How could anyone possibly resist doing this?

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9 Responses to Dog of the Day: Siberian Husky/Wolf Puppy

  1. maryjo says:

    i have a pure Siberian husky pup that looked just like that when she was a baby

  2. Marrah Goodman says:

    She looks almost identical to my Kona. I adopted him at 5 months and was told he was 3/4 husky and 1/4 something else, maybe wolf. As time goes on I am leaning toward the 25% being wolf. He is an awesome dog, but not an easy dog. He takes alot of work to make sure he understands his place in the pack (family). YOu can friend me on facebook to see pictures.

  3. Marc Thompson says:

    Wow, your dog looks a LOT like mine. Its another 3/4th Siberian Husky 1/4th wolf cross.

    She’s got some weird quriks and is easily distracted, but I’ve never had a friendlier dog.

    Here’s ours from the first day we got it, last July.

    And one from this summer. They grow fast!

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