Dogs of the Day: Old English Sheep Dog and… umm…

I’m trying a little experiment here: a post from my iPhone. Let’s see how it goes.

We ran into this pair today, an Old English sheep dog and his mini-me. I have no idea what breed the little one is… hopefully someone out there (probably Autumn) can help me. They’re both pretty ridiculously fluffy though.

These guys were a real challenge.

Verdict on the iPhone: uneven.  The WordPress app does post, but the post requires rather a lot of editing before it’s usable. It’s almost certainly less of a pain to just post it from the computer in the first place.  Next time I’ll try the web interface to the posting pages on mobile Safari and see how that does.  A couple of real annoyances: no control over the size of photos from the mobile WordPress app, no way to set captions or hover-text, no way to schedule posts, and no apparent way to put in a break.  All in all, pretty damned spartan.  Wonder if there’s anything else better out there.

Also, after using even iPhoto, mobile Photoshop is a huge disappointment.  If there’s no way to (e.g.) bring up the shadows without washing out the highlights, then all it’s good for is a glorified cropping tool.

But eventually we did get them to look at us. Separately.

Don't s'pose you've seen my tail?  Coulda sworn it was back there somewhere.

Sadly, we weren't interesting for very long.

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One Response to Dogs of the Day: Old English Sheep Dog and… umm…

  1. Autumn says:

    I think the other guy is a Will Wheaton terrier!

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