Dog of the Day: Dexter the Golden Retriever/Chow Mix

By request, a few pictures of Dexter the Awesome Dog.

Golden Retriever/Chow Mix

He wasn't just panting here. He was panting AND happy to see me.

Golden Retriever/Chow Mix

That's a 'say cheese!' expression if I've ever seen one.

Chow/Golden Retriever Mix

Two seriously fluffy breeds collide. This guy sheds buckets.

Chow/Golden Retriever Mix

I hear chows don't tend to like playing fetch much. Clearly this guy got that from the golden retriever side.

Chow/Golden Retriever Mix

I love goldens, but somehow 'up' ears always looked cuter to me. That makes this guy nearly perfect in my book.

Chow/Golden Retriever Mix

Aww. Such a pretty, happy pup.

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4 Responses to Dog of the Day: Dexter the Golden Retriever/Chow Mix

  1. beth says:

    So Cute! I have a rescue dog, who looks nearly identical and we have been trying to figure out what breed / breeds he is made up of. I think this is a match! Vets always tell us they think a corgi husky mix, but my goodness the similarity between this guy and my fella Hobbes is uncanny!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Well, there’s no way there’s corgi in there… all corgi mixes have short legs, since the gene for short legs is dominant and corgis are homozygous for that gene. (So every offspring will receive at least one copy of the gene and any dog with at least one copy of the gene will have short legs.)

      I can see the argument for husky, at least a little bit. But the fur is very ‘golden retriever’ and the tongue and face has a lot of chow, so that’s definitely our guess. Regardless, if he looks anything like Dexter, Hobbes must be a heck of an awesome dog.

  2. Dennis Knotts says:

    Dexter looks exactly like my best friend Buddy, whom pasted away two weeks ago.
    I miss him so much, he was with me for eleven years. If any knows where I can find
    a Chow / Retriever like Dexter in Ohio I would extremely grateful.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Aww. I wish you the best of luck finding a friend like Buddy, it sounds like he was something special.

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