Dog of the After-Birthday: Pickles the Happy Mutt

Pickles (male, 12, and apparently a mix of Dalmatian, German shepherd, pit bull, and collie!) is the pup I mentioned whose birthday I forgot, last Saturday. I’m such a bad person.

Pickles’s human popped by in a comment and said the following:

This website is pawesome! You met my dog, Pickles, yesterday! Just wanted to let you know about foster field trips where some shelters allow you to take a dog out for a couple hours at a time, which helps socialize the dog and gives them more exposure to potential adopters. I do field trips myself, and then write fun bios on social media to highlight their personalities.

Maybe if we’re nice, she’ll give us some links to those bios. And if that kind of thing sounds like fun, talk to your local shelter. If they do it, great! If not, maybe you can suggest the idea.

Mutt Looking Droopy And Sad

Twelve but he gets around all right.

Mutt Looking Happy

I gather he got lots of birthday treats, too.

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