Dog of the Day: Golden Retriever

A goofy golden with a twisty tail! Supposedly this pup is all golden, but I’ve never seen one with a tail that curly before.

Golden Retriever

Now that's a distinctive collar. And I am assured that this pup has the personality to match.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Golden Retriever

  1. Eva Cartwright says:

    Well let me tell you this I have a golden (WATSON) and he has the same curtly tail is that normal? We paid golden price for him?????


  2. Adam Lang says:

    It’s absolutely normal for a golden to have a curve to their tail. The breed standard says ‘fairly straight’, and a tail this curly would definitely be considered a ‘fault’, but if I understand these things correctly wouldn’t mean disqualification.

    Basically, your pup is (probably, I’ve never met him!) a full-blooded golden retriever, and could be entered into dog shows if you wished to, but probably wouldn’t win first prize for conformation.

    I was just being surprised because I’d never seen a tail that curly before. I have since, though.

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