Dog of the Day: Naughty Flat-Coated Retriever

This guy’s a little bit on the mischievous side. The container marked ‘good dog’ is full of dog biscuits. But in theory, it’s the human that’s supposed to decide whether the doggie’s been good, and give him a treat if he has. In this case, the pup decided to short-circuit the whole process and snaffle the entire bowl of treats. (Well, try to, anyway. Dad was a bit too alert to let him do that.)

(Sorry for the short posts the last few days. Been having some computer issues, and some cell phone issues, and some sleep issues, and a visitor (my brother Brad… hi Brad!). A bigger one or two soon, I promise.)

Flat-Coated Retriever

Now, if he were a Great Dane, he could just walk up on all fours and just poke his nose into the bucket.

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  1. Anne Gearhart says:

    If Brad is still in town next weekend, he is more than welcome to come along for waffles!

  2. lauren says:


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