Dog of the Day: Rami Ferrari the Miniature Australian Shepherd

I guess mini Aussies are relatively new. I must admit that thus far, I haven’t been terribly impressed: I’ve met a few of them, and every single one of them has been terrified of me.

At least, up until I met Rami Ferrari, the incredibly awesome tiny little fluffy Australian shepherd who loves everybody. I think this pup has singlehandedly changed my opinion. He even has a facebook page, so he can find more people to give him cuddles.

Miniature Australian Shepherd

My first look at Rami. At first I thought he was going to be just another timid mini-Aussie.

Miniature Australian Shepherd

And then I saw this and my heart melted. Look at that happy face! That dog couldn't possibly be a scaredy-cat, could he?

Miniature Australian Shepherd

Nope. No scaredy-cats here. Rami loves everyone!

Miniature Australian Shepherd

Sweetest little pup ever. If I had him, I'd never have to worry about finding a dog-friendly apartment in SF: what landlord could possibly resist that face?

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  1. Hi, I saw your blog today it was a very impressive picture of your tiny little fluffy Australian shepherd. In fact, Rami Ferrari is cute, as we know Aussie dogs is awesome! They are well-mannered, easily trained and also good looking. I have to book marked this blog, so I can share it with my friends. Thanks for sharing.

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