Dog of the Day: Yorkshire Terrier

If you’re wondering why I post so many Yorkies… well, for one thing, they’re a very popular dog in the city. I guess it’s partly because they’re small enough to keep in a small apartment, and partly because they’re generally some of the politer (and less terrified) of the really tiny dogs.

The other reason I post quite a few of them is because, well… admit it: they’re adorable.

Yorkshire Terrier

They always look like they're in the middle of a really bad hair day, but somehow can make it work. Like those tousled movie stars.

Yorkshire Terrier

Aww. Someone re-wetting a coldwetnose!

Yorkshire Terrier

I can't remember if this is the Yorkie I saw running around playing with a tennis ball or not. It was ridiculous: the Yorkie couldn't fit the ball in his mouth so he just pushed it around with his nose, at high speed.

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