Sunday Snack-y Switchup: Mara’s Italian Pastries

Mara’s is one of the ubiquitous bakeries/dessert places in North Beach. There are quite a few of them. I’ve tried a couple, and have pretty much universally been disappointed. But I hadn’t tried Mara’s yet. I was walking by, out for my Saturday constitutional, and figured I should try it out, too.

Chocolate Mousse Cake From Mara's Italian Pastries

I tried seven different flavors of their cookies, and their chocolate mousse cake, pictured above.

Verdict: meh. Their cookies all tasted more or less the same, even despite ‘this one is mint and this one is raspberry and blah blah’. Then again, they weren’t bad, just all sort of similar. Call it 2.5 out of 5 for the cookies.

The chocolate mousse cake tasted pretty good, but was undistinguished in every other way. The texture was fine but uninteresting. It certainly is pretty, though, isn’t it? 3/5

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