Dog of the Day: Bodhi the GLORIOUS German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

I went out to do a little shopping this evening, and I ran into a few pups. There was one who was adorable, and one who was noble, and one who really really wanted to say hi. But there was only one who was glorious, and that was Bodhi, the 4 year old German shepherd mix. (Probably with golden retriever, judging from the fluffy tocks!)

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Sitting And Grinning

A great place to run across dogs: right outside a butcher’s shop/steakhouse.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Pretend-Snarling

Caught him halfway through a yawn.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Heading Toward The Camera

Just glorious.

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8 Responses to Dog of the Day: Bodhi the GLORIOUS German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

  1. rowan daniels says:

    This is fucked up
    Who took this
    This is my dog why don’t you stop being a gaper and stay in sf

    • Adam Lang says:

      This was taken about five blocks from my apartment. With the permission of the person walking him. And I live in San Francisco.

      Gotta say, I feel sorry for your dog. Must be terrible to have an owner who is so possessive that they doesn’t even like having people looking at a picture of a dog that looks like their dog.

  2. Keith F. says:

    That’s my dog too! If you saw ours, you would agree that he is an exact match to your photos. Out of curiosity I’ve been searching for his family and landed on your page. What we know about him is that he was born Feb. 03, 2015 in CA. As a puppy he was transported across the continent by an over the road truck driver and hence his name is Diesel. He is sharing our retirement home in northern Wisconsin since 2016 where he has assumed the job as ‘Head Of Security’. Happy to send a picture if you wish.

    • Adam Lang says:

      I’d love to see some pictures! If you have any online, please leave some links in the comments. If not, I suggest using an image sharing site, like or Upload the pictures, set them to publicly viewable, and then put some links in a comment!

      And I love the story. That’s right about the perfect time frame for Bodhi, too. I mean, sure, a lot of dogs in California were born right around then, but it’s not impossible that Diesel and Bodhi are long-lost brothers, and how cool would that be?

      If I run across Bodhi again, I will be sure to mention that his owners should come and respond to you on the blog.

      • Keith F. says:

        two sent to your email

        • Adam Lang says:

          So gorgeous! And yes, VERY similar to Bodhi.

          • Keith F. says:

            Diesel was just now relaxing next to Sharon and she said, “Diesel, do you know Bohdi? Where’s Bohdi?” Diesel got up, went to the patio door windows and checked out the view. He turned back towards Sharon and whined, then back again to the window. Which begs the question; when did Bohdi acquire his name? Big brained dogs like these have incredible memories, and if “Bohdi” was part of the pack before they were separated, is their a chance that the sound of that name caused Diesel’s reaction?

        • Adam Lang says:

          Re your below message, yep, that’s quite possible. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Bodhi aside from what’s on this page. I went poking around to see if I could find Bodhi’s owners, and managed to find one reference to a dog named Bodhi who was adopted in San Francisco right around the correct time, and I left the person a message, but it’s anyone’s guess if and when she’ll log into that site again and see it. When and if they do, I’ll definitely let you know!

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