Dog of the Day: Sharon the Ridiculously Fluffy Golden Retriever

Yes, this pup is a full golden retriever. She’s gotta be some kind of mutant, or maybe a throwback to the golden retrievers of the last ice age, where primitive man needed a super-fluffy yet totally adoring dog to take the edge off those chilly glacial nights, and thus bred the proto-golden-retrievers with Siberian timber wolves, Angora goats, and wooly mammoths*. In this way, they bred a dog with fur so long that, in the event of polar bear attack, you could actually hide your children and smaller belongings in the dog’s fur.†

(* This is not actually true. † Neither is this.)

Fluffiest Golden Retriever Ever

There's the golden retriever happy face, coupled with fur that would probably take eight (pleasant) hours to fully comb.

Fluffiest Golden Retriever Ever

Look at the fur on those legs. Looks like she's wearing fuzzy leg warmers.

Fluffiest Golden Retriever Ever

All I ask of life is that, when I finally can get a dog, he or she looks at me that way.

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