Dog of the Day: Two Pit Mix Puppies

Long day. After work, I spent four hours going down to the San Jose airport, retrieving the car, and driving it back up here. (Well, I stopped for half an hour for dinner.) Admittedly, the train ride was relaxing, and I did get my new computer equipment installed on the way down. (Removing the case of a laptop on a moving train is kind of fun.)

So, here’s some balm for my weary soul: two puppies wrestling. Grr! Raar!

Pit Bull Mix Puppies

Puppies are the original contortionists. They're almost as good as cats.

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4 Responses to Dog of the Day: Two Pit Mix Puppies

  1. brian says:

    the one on the left looks like my dog that died. We aren’t sure what he was but maybe some kind of Corgi mix. His brother is build the same way as he was but the faces were completely different.

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