Dog of the Day: Ollie the Australian Shepherd Puppy

Well, things are calming down, and as far as I can tell nobody has been set on fire by either side of our great national divide, so I’m going to call that a plus. I think our puppy emergency is officially over… but I ran into a couple of puppies over the weekend and I can’t resist so I will be posting them anyway. This one is named Ollie, and he is a soft happy adorable Australian shepherd of four months… and he is HUGE for his age.

Also: all of the pictures except the first two were submitted by Ollie’s folks, and are published as-is with no captions or hovertext. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! (Especially the last one. THAT PUPPYBELLY!)

Australian Shepherd Puppy Leaping Up To Grab A Treat

It was next to impossible to get good pictures of him. It was little dim outside, and he was a complete blur.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Sitting And Looking At The Camera

That floof is just as soft as it looks.

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