Dog of the Day: Score One For Possibly Scott the Possibly Australian Possibly Cattle Probably Dog

I don’t have any notes about possibly-Scott, but if I zoom in really close on his doggie tags I see ‘SCO<something> THE DOG’. The letter after the O doesn’t really look like a T but it looks more like a T than just about anything other than a reflected-upside-down J (which seems unlikely) or maybe an I (which… SCOI<something> THE DOG)? I was hoping for a minute that it said ‘SCORE ONE FOR THE DOG’ but there isn’t enough room. So we’re going to call him Scott.

He does look like a full Australian cattle dog, but he’s got a tail, so who knows. We’ll just call him Possibly-Scott.

Australian Cattle Dog Tied To Bike Rack
“Probable-Possible my black hen, only lays eggs in the relative when. Can’t lay eggs in the positive now, ’cause she’s unable to postulate how.” — The Space Child’s Mother Goose, Frederick Winsor
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