Dog of the Day: Hannah the Rottweiler Mix

Hannah (3, full name Hannah Phoebe Hubbard, and I’m not really seeing the Rottie but I suppose it’s possible) hails from Alabama, but is now a San Francisco resident. And since the name ‘Hannah’ invariably reminds me of a song called ‘Hard-Hearted Hannah’, and Hannah is anything but hard-hearted, I have made some minor modifications

Soft-Hearted Hannah
The pup from Alabama
The sweetest gal in town…

Rottweiler Mix On A Beach
She was on her way to the beach and she was still nice enough to stop and let me grab a few shots. How’s THAT for a nice dog?
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5 Responses to Dog of the Day: Hannah the Rottweiler Mix

  1. Angela Tooker Stone says:

    Hannah is beautiful!

  2. Jodet Hubbard says:

    Thank you for featuring Hannah, my pup! She loved meeting you and we appreciate the feature! So sweet. She turns 4 in two days. ♥️

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