Dog of the Day: Coydog

Another shot of someone from a while back. I hope at some point I run across him with my SLR… he moves so fast and so erratically that I haven’t managed to get many good shots of him at all.

I’ve seen some videos of coyotes, and this guy does do a fair imitation of a coyote dance. Which is only fair, I guess, given his parentage.

Coyote Dog Hybrid

I've heard that coyotes can adjust well to urban living... guess that goes double for coydogs, since this guy seems pretty happy.

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  1. ilona york says:

    Hello ! Found this photo of your dog, looks exactly like my puppy that I rescued from my local animal shelter in the Eastern Sierras! She has striking green eyes And I think she is part coyote. Would you like to share info? Thank you Ilona

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