Caturday Supplement: Logan the Cat Sit Victim

I agreed to help Autumn take care of a cat for a week while she was out of state and the kitty’s owners were getting married and then staying in Yosemite for a week. I showed up the first day and fed the kitty and hung around for 45 minutes trying to get him to warm up to me. No luck whatsoever. And then, as I was just about to gird my loins for another try at it, I heard someone trying to break into the apartment. Someone… with a key.

Turned out that the groom demolished his knee the day after the wedding and they all just came home. So I only got one day of kitty-time. But at least I got a couple of pictures.

Fluffy Grey And White Cat With Blue Eyes
I actually moved backward: when I was there with Autumn he at least sniffed my hand. The next time, he wouldn’t even stay in the same ROOM with me.
Fluffy Grey And White Cat With Blue Eyes
The eyes are even more striking in person.
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