Dog of the Day: French Mastiff

I didn’t get this guy’s name but I’m pretty sure he’s a Dogue de Bordeaux, otherwise known as a French massive… er… mastiff.

Edit: as pointed out below, he could also be a bullmastiff.

French Mastiff Wearing A Bandana
Never seen a bandana-y thing quite like that one before, but I think it looks good on him.
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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: French Mastiff

  1. Sara says:

    I believe that this is a Bullmastiff because of his dark snout. Also French Mastiffs are more orange-ish.

    Beautiful big doggo for sure!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Could well be. Although he’s darker than any bullmastiff I’ve ever seen before.

      And yes, beautiful and friendly and happy doggo!

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