Alas, Poor Olio

A sad dog of the day post for y’all today: one of the first few dozen pups I ever took pictures of, Olio, passed away last weekend. It’s been over ten years since I met him, and he lived a long and healthy life, nearly 17 years. I offered to post some pictures of Olio for his folks, as a little tribute, and they took me up on it.

No captions or hovertext. I don’t really feel like being clever, let alone a smartass. Just some cute pictures of a happy pup. But I should add that the second pup in the scenic picture is Buzz, Olio’s 7-year-old kid brother, and the picture in the book that Olio is looking at in another image is actually a picture of him. He’s famous!

Goodbye, Olio. You will be missed. But I’m glad I got some smooches from you while you were here.

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3 Responses to Alas, Poor Olio

  1. Carol Jacobson says:

    Such a wonderful tribute to Olio! My dog Moka was the one who commented about Olio’s picture back in 2010. The were “cousins” and the best of friends. I’m so glad they’re together again.

  2. Mama Olio says:

    Thank you Adam for doing this for our Big Boy Olio.
    Our fearless and well loved boy.

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