Meowry Catsmus Supplement (With Bonus Happy New Dog!)

I ran into an adorable pair of pals when I was out and about on Christmas Eve, and since one of them is a cat and Christmas falls on a Caturday this year, I just HAD to post some pictures of them. So, meet Uni (the 1-year-old cat) and Freddy (the 8-month-old golden retriever). They are brothers, as evidenced by their adorable instagram page, titled ‘Freddy Uni The Brothers‘.

Tuxedo Cat In A Cat Carrier
Uni was a little freaked out because apparently a bunch of people tried to pet him earlier, so I didn’t push my luck. I wish I could have gotten a good picture from above, though, because he has the most gorgeous ‘frosted’ ears. You should go look at them on his Instagram!
Woman Leaning Down To Hug Happy Golden Retriever
This, of course, is Freddy. Who was a minor miracle, at least with me: an 8-month-old golden who was delighted to meet me but who DIDN’T jump all over me!
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