Double Dog Day: Miso the Shiba Inu and Alplie the Scruffenpupper

These two are siblings — adopted, of course — and the best of friends.

Shiba Inu Trying To Sniff The Camera
Pictures from ‘The Panhandle’, which is a spot in SF where people mostly don’t panhandle.
Terrier Mix Sniffing Dead Leaves
It’s also a place that I hadn’t posted any pictures from until last week, in the decade-plus that this site had been going.
Shiba Inu With Eyes Closed Looking Very Kawaii
It’s a pretty spot, and there are lots of dogs. I should wander down there more often.
Woman With Scruffy Terrier Mix
Unusual to find a pair where the shiba inu is more sociable than the little scrappy terrier.
Shiba Inu And Scruffy Grey Terrier Mix
There you have it: fluffenpupper and scruffenpupper.
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