Dog of the Day: Malinka the Tiny Whippet

I initially thought Malinka (8) was an Italian greyhound, because she’s so little. But it turns out she’s just a little bitty whippet!

The internet says that the name ‘Malinka’ means ‘as sweet as a little berry’ in Russian. Which is odd, since маленький (malinki) means ‘little’ in Russian, and I’m not sure how changing ‘i’ to ‘a’ means ‘berry’, or ‘sweet’, or the comparative. Nevertheless, I agree that she is just as sweet as a little bitty berry.

No captions or hovertext today, just cute pictures.

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  1. T says:

    A beautiful dog and lovely sweater … such a perfectly sweet face. She looks so happy and deserves the best and looks like she pretty much gets her share of love.

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